Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Rock n roll ain't noise pollution!

By wonker
The success of one the greatest rock bands of all time AC/DC began with the singer Bon SCott. But due to Bon Scott's unfortunate death the band thought of disbanding. But on insistence of Scott's parents they continued to make music. The new lead singer for the band was Brian Johnson.

They set to work on their album "Back in Black" which they had starting composing with Scott. After its release "Back in Black" went out to become AC/DC's best selling album. And why wouldn't it? It exquisite songs like "You shook me all night long" where Johnson's singing capability was evident; "Hell's Bell" which conveys a dark and interesting story"; "Rock n roll ain't noise pollution" which is my favorite track; and how can you forget the title track which opens with a thrilling riff. But their success didn't stop there.

Their next album "For those about to, rock we salute you". An interesting fact about this album was that it was inspired by a book written by Angus Young, "For those about to die". The best song in this album was undoubtably the title track which glorifies rock! And the addition of cannons just adds to the greatness of the song. Apart from that, I do like "Let's get it up" mainly because Angus Young's ingenious solo!

The success unfortunately hit a ridge when they had let go of Phil Rudd, their drummer. He was replaced by Simon Wright. Their next album "Flick of the switch", in which Rudd had participated, did not meet expectations. The same went for the album that followed, "Fly on the wall". The two albums according to the Young brothers, were an attempt to return to their roots. They might not made it to the top of the charts; but I still enjoy listening to "Nervous shakedown" and the title track from "Flick of the switch" and "Shake your foundations" from "Fly on the wall".

AC/DC came back with the album "Blow up your video". This had wicked songs like "Heatseeker" and "That's the way I wanna rock n roll". It had some other pretty good tracks like "Dynamite", "This means war", "Kissing". But apart from the above mentioned songs, the other tracks led to the album lacking clarity.

After "Blow up your video", Wright left the band and was replaced Chris Slade. Then they released "Razor's edge" which put them back onto the charts with "Fire your guns", "Money talks" and "Thunderstruck". Thunderstruck is one of my favorites with the inventive opening riff. The rest of the tracks weren't great. Still AC/DC were back!

AC/DC was still missing something. But that came back when they rehired Phil Rudd! They popped out "Ballbreaker" which had some really rocker songs like "Hail Caesar", "Hard as a rock" and "Cover you in oil". Apart from the three tracks mentioned "Ballbreaker" was a bit of a let down.

Everything changed for the good when they came out with "Stiff upper lip". The title track which packed with power was the best! There were other good songs like "Satellite blues" and "Safe in new york city". This album managed to bring back some of the spark they had in "Back in Black".

Things just peaked for AC/DC when they released "Black ice". This album was everything that AC/DC stood for...hardcore rock n roll! Almost all the tracks were rapturing! It had "Rock n roll train" where the Young brothers did their thing! Then there was "Spoilin' for a fight" which fist clenching wicked. This album was raw and undisputedly one of AC/DC's best.

Well that covers up all the albums. AC/DC experienced a lot of ups and downs. But the music never stopped. Even after so many years they still knew how to rock n roll.  I guess its true "It ain't over till the fat lady sings". Wel, that is AC/DC. A band that makes rough, enticing, hard core rock music which makes them one of the most influential rock n roll bands of all time. If you are an AC/DC fan, well I hope you are looking forward to their new album which will hopefully be released in 2013(which will also mark their 40th anniversary). I know I am waiting very eagerly...

For those about to rock, we salute you!
Ain't gonna get tired, won't take a break, we salute you!
We salute you!

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