Sunday, 12 August 2012

A perfect sunday

Its sunday!!! The day of the week we all look forward to! Even when it is a sunday, we're looking forward to the next sunday! Any person who is either working or a student treats sunday as a gift. A day that is so anticipated should be spent appropriately. And I bet, we all at least try spending it appropriately, in our own ways.

Some of us might spend it at the movies. My Mum loves the movies. I on the other hand am not a huge fan. Those sort of people find it wonderful to get out of the house, travel all the way to the movies. They love to get some munchies and just settle down in their seat. I do not go for movies unless the film is worth watching. Like I've said before, I'm slightly lazy. There is a lot of effort that has to be put in. You have to travel all the way to the cinemas and make sure you are on time. Then, you have to find your seat in the dark. Also, not to forget the elaborate process of getting past all the legs to get to your seat. Then there is the intermission (which probably exists only in India) in the middle of the movie which you have to go through. The bad part of the intermission is not the waiting. The bad part is what follows the intermission - people coming in after the movie re-starts who end up blocking your view while they try getting to their seat. All this effort will be in vain if you end up not liking the film! I might not like the movies, but I still like spending time with people I like watching something together.

While some people head to the movies, others might just like to spend time with friends. The gathering could be anywhere. As long as their friends are there, it doesn't matter. You could do anything. Go get a bite to eat; play a sport. Of course how can you forget parties? Its really nice to have fun with friends. I enjoy spending time with my friends. We play around, have lunch together. We laugh on top of our lungs. I'd consider my group of friends to be pretty crazy. But, hanging out with friends on a sunday? No, that isn't befitting for me. Any other day of the week, I'd join them without giving it a second thought.

What about avid cooks? My mum loves cooking. She makes brilliant dishes on sundays. I guess she finds it very soothing. I have friends who love to bake. Bread making! Get up early, get all of your ingredients. Then mix them all together. Then starts the mammoth task of kneading! Knead and rest. Knead and rest. Finally its into the oven. Then comes the best part: Breaking the bread and eating it! I'm a terrible cook. I struggle to make microwavable dishes! So obviously, I don't spend my sundays cooking. But if there are people who love cooking elaborate dishes on sundays, I'd be glad to join them for a meal!

Shopping! I absolutely dread it! Going to malls and waiting in queue for the trial rooms. Throughout this entire process, you have bear the horrible music that they play. Shopping on sundays has another negative that is the huge crowds!!! Everyone knows that malls are full of people on sundays.

I crossed out many ways of spending a sunday. So, how do I like my sundays?? Well, I like to get up very late, have my coffee. Then watch a movie or read a book or write something. And during the evening I like to spend some time playing with my dog. I like quiet sundays. I am an example of the phrase "Lazing on a sunday afternoon". Well I pretty much know how I like my sundays. How about you?

 Hope you have a perfect sunday!


  1. It may seem ironic....but its the truth.......i hate the hostel that is........and that is mainly because of the used to having roast dosas in the morning at home......instead i get these soggy dosas at the hostel......lunch instead of my favourite biryani at home, i get jolad roti.....i used to take half an hour earlier to finish one roti,but i somehow swallow it in ten minutes now!!!!.......anyway hoping the menu improves in my second year....and then only will i look forward to

  2. Hey, sundays are nice enough, at least when you're at home with family. Lazy sundays are awesome, you're right!