Wednesday, 29 August 2012

A Moment

By Namita Anil Kumar
A couple of days ago I was on stumble upon and I came across a website that hosted innovative videos. One of the videos were truly inspiring. The video was about what signifies a moment. Well, it got me thinking. What signifies a moment?

I am not talking about moment - an interval of time. I want to know what makes a person tell "That was a special moment in my life!"

According to the dictionary a moment is - "A particular period of importance, influence, or significance in a series of events or developments" (

That doesn't even begin to describe a moment! So lets get down to it. According to me, a description of a moment varies from person to person. Just like how I said that definition of 'Win' differs from person to person. To understand the meaning of a moment, I thought it would be best to consider some examples:

The first thing that comes to my mind is my dog. I would consider the first time she came home as a great moment. She was just a pup. She was excited, scared. She missed her mum. That night, she fell asleep on my lap. Just looking back at that moment, brings a smile upon my face.

I guess for parents, the first time they laid eyes on their kid would qualify to a beautiful moment. For them, almost every point of time they made progress with their kid is a spectacular moment. The first word, the first step, the first shot, the first day of school are all significant moments.

A moment needn't be a happy one. It could be painful. It could the first you fell down off your bicycle; The first time someone broke your heart; The first time someone yelled at you or the other way around;  The time you lost a loved one; Or it could just be a horrible nightmare. It might have been terrible, but it is something you look back upon. It isn't easily forgotten.

A moment could even be a silly one like the first candy; the first time you saw a clown; the time you made a fool out of yourself. It might be the most stupid moment. But it is some thing to laugh about after the moment passed.

A moment could be one of anxiety. The first time you had perform on stage; A time when you had to stand up against wrong doing; If you are able to overcome your fear and accomplish the task at hand, you end up creating a proud moment.

A moment could be very brief, even just a second. It could a period when you received a compliment. It could be a giggle. It could also be the first time you used a foul word. You might not remember those moments now. But at that time, it made you think.

A moment could be sad, scary, happy or angry. There are many sorts of moments. The above mentioned instances were just a few that ran through my mind as I watched that video I mentioned in the beginning. I have provided the link to the video. So, I ask you, to take a moment to look at it.

There are so many moments in our lives. Some we remember, and some we don't. I guess, a moment is a period which has an impact on us. Finally, we are the ones who create them. So go out! Create some beautiful moments!

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  1. video was cute!!! and ur artwork is really nice!!!very creative!!!!
    Moments according to me are just simply small addends which when summed up put together our entire life!!!
    So yes in the end, I agree that by creating beautiful moments, a beautiful life awaits us!!!!!!