Friday, 31 August 2012

My first try at digital art!

I've always been interested in art. I sketch certain things when I get a chance. But before I continue I must say I am an amateur! I recently downloaded a sketchbook app on my macbook. I thought I'd try converting one of my sketches into digital art. The art I picked was a sketch I had done of jaguar E-type. So this is how much I've progressed:

My initial sketch
The outline created using sketchbook app
After addition of colour
I'll still keep working on it. I created the final picture by using many layers. I used different layers to lay down my initial sketch, the outline, the base colour, the aluminium work(Grey), the reflections. By merging all the layers, I got the final image. I was pretty pleased with the result since it was my first time.

You can also use, pinta or adobe photoshop to create your own artwork. Hope you guys give it a shot. Happy drawing!


  1. really beautiful outcome!!!!!!!!

  2. That's nice! How did you get the different shades of gray? Layers? I'm talking about the bumper

    1. Yes, I used layers for the reflections. I still have to create the reflections on the bonnet. Just haven't gotten around to do so.