Friday, 30 November 2012


Benedict Arnold, was a man who betrayed his country. Though he did bring a few successes to the US army, he went down in history as one of the biggest traitors after Judas. He might have had reasons to support his plot against his own men, reasons that I don't know entirely of. Even if I did, I probably wouldn't understand them. But those reasons, might still not justify what he did.

As I thought more about betrayal, I couldn't figure out why one would ever do a sort of thing. To betray the ones you work with definitely has to be a crime. And to betray those who trust you is an unforgivable act.

Trust is a crucial part of our lives. But to trust a person is not a tiny thing to do. Family is usually the first to gain one's trust. Then follows friends. A relationship based on this faith is fragile. So fragile, that a tiny bump in the road is magnified to the size of a trench. I guess this probably is the downside of human ties.

In my post Every little thing, I said even a small smirk or an insulting remark causes an affect on the receiver. When that sort of a comment is made by people close to you, it has its consequences. The small, petty stuff are easily overcome. But a big issue like going behind a friend's back, and doing an activity that would hurt them, comes with trouble. This sort of an action causes a big mess, especially when its done knowing that it would hurt that friend.

Like I said, they might have their reasons. Reasons that makes sense only to them. But I just can't seem to get my head wrapped around the force that impulses them to carry out that deceit. How do they go forth to do such a terrible task? Are they oblivious to their conscience? Do you remember those cartoons of an angel and a devil, one on each shoulder, when a person is about to do something wrong? Well, in case of traitors, its as if the angel is choking on its own tongue! I think, in order to ever understand what provokes one to deceive another, you have to be of the same mentality.

Not to brag, but I am a sort of person who commits a lot in any sort of relationship. I like going beyond my limits to help out people. In return I do not expect much from friends or family. I do not expect them to even greet me on my birthday, let alone present me with gifts. But what do want is their loyalty towards me. Loyalty is some thing that holds a position of immense importance to me. Perhaps, this is why I love dogs. My pet, Bubbly!

When I think about people who can betray ones close to them, I feel disgusted. The only thing that lifts me up, is the thought that my true friends and my family would never do such a thing to me. At moments like this, I realise how nice it is to have people you can count on, to always by your side when you need it. Makes me feel happy.

Monday, 19 November 2012

Problem with blogger and Internet Explorer

My blog has been facing issues when viewed through internet explorer. Some times the pictures get enlarged or worse, they do not load at all. This problem is faced by many blogs. If your blog isn't facing a problem, well, lucky you.

The issues with Internet Explorer exist with other blogging websites like Wordpress and Edublog. The only fix that I could find was just to use another browser. This problem isn't encountered with chrome, firefox, safari. So I suggest you do the same.

I got to know more regarding this problem when I read the following post:

Happy blogging!

Saturday, 3 November 2012

The art of doodling

The air filled with the mist of monotony. None, stand in the room except for one, with words flying out of a mouth that ought to be shut. The words swirl around you unable to penetrate the shield caused due to sheer boredom. You shuffle restlessly to avoid the discomfort of sitting on the hard desks of wood. The mind unlike the body is idle. Idle...I don't think so. The eyes glimpse at the door waiting for someone to interrupt the speaker. Then they look at the hands go by and wondering as to why time doesn't fly when you want it to. The ears fringe against the sound of the chalk shrieking against the board. The hand fiddle with a writing instrument. Alas, the weapon touches the plain white sheet, and then the magic begins. The pen (I prefer pencils) moves as if it were possessed by something other than your mind. Its sweeps and glides across the corner of your sheet to create a piece of one of the most simplest forms of art. Simple, due to its lack of meaning. The doodle!!

The best part of doodle art is that you do not have to be an artist to do it. Even a tiny squiggle qualifies as a doodle. Thats the beauty of it.
A doodle I created during what I think was Chemistry class

But in today's world, doodle art no longer requires a piece of paper and pen or pencil. With today's technology, it can be done at any point of the day by just pulling out your smart phones! Here is a doodle I created using an app on my phone. This is the same app I used in my previous post "My first try at digital art!". Isn't technology great?
A doodle I created using SketchBookExpress  app on my phone