Sunday, 15 July 2012

University Life

I just completed my first year in an engineering college. The following is a thought I concluded after my first semester in a university.

As weird as it may sound, college life turns out to be harder than school life. The feeling of someone looking over your actions no longer exists which is good and bad. Good, since the student is given the freedom to do as he choses. Bad, since if the student goes wrong, there is no one to correct him. One might enjoy the adventure, but he might also crave for guidance. Its like an unknown street where the street lights is dim.

The newfound freedom is not only from school authorities but also from parents. The extended curfew time and decreased involvement of parents in student’s life are a few instances of this freedom. It completely depends on the student as to how he accepts this freedom. An obedient student will find this freedom exciting, but simultaneously the student knows that awareness and discipline is required. Whereas a student unlike the previously described, will be overwhelmed by this freedom and the necessary limits will not be taken. This could cause trouble to the student.

There is a difference even when it comes to friends between school and university. Friends are required in any situation. They are like the support a creeper crawls around. But they are not easy to come by. There has to be an effort made from the student’s side in order to make good friends. In a school the amount and the diversity of the students is lesser. This makes it easier to make new friends. Usually a students end up being a part of a group where he feels comfortable, like in case of niche. But in universities there is a large amount of students with highly diverse backgrounds. The student has to be cautious while speaking, so that he does not offend anyone. He should not be judgmental. Else he will end up losing people who could have ended up being his great friends.

The transition from school to university life is not easy. But, if the student takes it one step at a time without getting carried away by the changes or being a victim of peer pressure, he will fit in just fine.


  1. very true.. with great power comes great responsibility...
    stepping out of school is really like coming out of a protective shell into the real world..

    1. Exactly, finally it all comes down to how the student perceives the whole experience. I look forward to reading your blog.