Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Change...The Inevitable!

I have always been a fan of the series "House". I loved watching Hugh Laurie limping around the screen of my telly. Just recently Hugh Laurie started his music career by launching his Blues album. A man who is in his fifties starting afresh!! This just got me wondering about change.

Our lives go through so many changes, some small and some big. Some changes have a huge impact on our lives while others go unnoticed. These changes can be caused by us or by another being. Every second we spend, our lives are changing. Even at this very moment change is taking place.  I have to admit that this thought scares me a bit.

Scientists once upon a time believed that babies knew not of the existence of things that are not in their line of sight. In other words, babies thought that whatever they could see, at that point of time, was the only thing that existed. Even what was right behind them didn't exist. None the less that theory has been proved wrong. But, in some obscure way we all perceive the world in the manner as per the previous theory. We are usually never concerned about the happenings that are occurring beyond our immediate surroundings. I do not mean to suggest selfishness. I only mean to say that the human mind works like a radar system. The limit of the radar is given by not distance, but by the interests and likes of that person. Any thing not detectable by the radar, the mind doesn't bother about it. So any change that takes place outside that radar's limit goes unnoticed.

Changes don't happen only to our surroundings. Each and every one of us undergo change. My life has undergone numerous changes. I've grown from a baby to a college student. I have undergone transformations both physically and mentally. From not knowing how to utter words, I've grown in to a person who has an immaculate vocabulary(an exaggeration, of course!). Thinking about what I have accomplished over the past 19 years, though how ever little it is, it gives me a sense of pride. It shows that change is a good thing.

Change takes place so continuously and rapidly that one does not  get a chance to stop and just absorb what is happening to oneself, let alone what is happening in the surroundings. Billions of changes taking place simultaneously. While someone is laughing, another person somewhere else would be crying. And, I am a cent percent sure this is not some sort balancing act by nature.

Even at this moment animals are being born while some others are dying. Babies born and at the same time other unfortunate children are dying. Men are being killed at war; A kid is being mugged; Some misguided teenagers are getting high on drugs; A man is driving out of control because he just drank too much; Another man is grieving at the grave of a loved one. So many things are happening simultaneously, it makes me want to yell "STOP! Please STOP!"

Just to make you understand the gravity of this, just think; while you are just reading this, a person somewhere might be thinking of ending his life. So many occurrences, be it good or bad, that we are unaware of. Just makes me realise that "Ignorance is a bliss".

But certain occurrences should not be ignored. Certain things should be acknowledged for its beauty because doing so brings peace and happiness to oneself, even if it lasts for just a second. A kid playing a harmless prank; Or another kid trying to defend a friend from a bully; A teen saying 'No' to drugs; A person trying to quit smoking; Children playing in a puddle of muddy rain water; A soldier reunited with his family; A bus boy toiling away to meet his needs; Things like the above mentioned makes me feel like the world is not such a bad place after all.

As I write this post, my feelings underwent change. What started out as a cheery giggle about Hugh Laurie transformed into pride and then into an overwhelming fright. And, now its taken an optimistic turn. Now, I'm surprised at the way things right in front of us change without our notice. Its something nice to think about.

I guess change is inevitable. We can't run away or hide from it. We just have to stand up and face the music. And, who knows, we might actually actually ask for an an encore!

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