Monday, 23 July 2012


Birthdays! A day when a person celebrates the fact that they are a year older. They celebrate the day they were born. This, I don't understand. Why do people see a need to celebrate growing older? Why do they want to celebrate being a year closer to their doom? In that point of view, birthdays should be a day of fear rather than happiness! Haha! Or is it that they are celebrating surviving another year in this cruel, ugly world? I am kidding!

A person's birthday is a day when they are the centre of attraction. But what did they do to deserve that attention and gifts? When I was born, I just gave a deafening cry and looked adorable. Apart from that I did absolutely nothing. Just for doing that, year after year, on my birthday I receive unnecessary attention.

According to me, a birthday of a person should not be a celebration of them because they did nothing to deserve it. Rather, it should be the celebration of their mothers! After all, they are the ones who carried out the "miracle of birth". They spent nine months of uneasiness just to bring them into the world. So all the attention and gifts should be directed towards the mothers because they did a mammoth task; A task whose difficulty only a mother can understand.

I believe that on a person's birthday, the least that person can do is,  take the time to thank his/her mother. After all, without their mothers they would be nothing. Here is to you mum! Thank you!


  1. This is really nice.
    but should we still let the kids celebrate as they are happy to be born and look forward very eagerly for their birthday? should we set a limit 5-10-15?
    now mothers get all the attention? thats wonderful.
    so number of celebrations for a mother = number of kids :) wow

  2. Aha!! I never thought of it that way. Yes, more the children more the celebrations! I guess the phrase "More the merrier" is very apt in this case.

  3. A birthday isn't a day you're grown a day older. It's a time wherein you'd be able to reflect on the past year of your life and try to improve yourself - at least, that's what I think.

    1. Just one of the year to look back and try to improve ourselves?? Isn't that something we should be doing often if not everyday every day?