Saturday, 8 June 2013

Losing that something

You know how they say that "you never truly appreciate something until its gone"? Well I guess it is true after all.

It could be even the smallest negligible thing. But once its gone, it doesn't seem so negligible. Its funny how our mind works. How does something that didn't matter, matter so much once its gone? Is it that we start realising how much we care for that thing or is it just an instance of the selfish notion of "what's mine should always be mine'?

That something could be anything(pretty funny how my blog title slips in once in awhile during my posts). It could be a person, a pet, a nonliving thing, an abstract thing. Absolutely anything. It needn't make entire sense. It could even be something foolish like a catch phrase. It could even be a song. When you like a song or anything a lot, and when others start saying they like it too, its not an entirely nice feeling. You will feel terribly annoyed when you know that they don't like it for the right reasons; or they haven't understood the real meaning of it. Of course, it all depends on what sort of a person you are. But why is it that we feel that way? It is possessiveness, like "you do not deserve that thing because you will never like it the way I do"!

Well those cases are to some extent understandable. What I don't understand are the cases where you don't want that thing anymore. You want it gone. But when you see it fading away, you are displeased. These are definitely not those situations where you realise that you don't want to lose that something because you start remembering how much you care about. No, it isn't. Then what is it?

Or is it just that you are scared of losing something that used to be yours? The fear of knowing what was yours will no longer be yours. To not want something, but at the sametime want it! Is it naive to feel like that? Is this how the human mind works? Its frustrating the fact that we act so foolish when we are so well educated! So frustrating that you can even tend to lose focus at times.

So what do you do at times like that? I guess, if you want that thing to stay with you, you have to learn to appreciate it. If others like that thing, be it for the wrong reasons, you have to learn to share it. And if you no longer want that thing, no matter how aggravating it is to see it go, you have to learn to let it go.

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