Tuesday, 21 May 2013


The past couple of days have pretty much been indistinguishable from one another. In other words its been a normal couple of days. But the only thing that was out of place was my annoyance. For some reason, on most of those days, something just kept pestering me. Though they seemed entirely uneventful days, I didn't feel the same.

Day after day it was the same thing; Almost periodic; Absolutely nothing apart from the ordinary. Yet, after every day, I felt agitated and frustrated for no clear reason why. I guess it was the repetitiveness of it all. I was so put off by the mediocrity that I had no interest in even writing about anything.

Do you know how it feels to hear the phrase "whatever..." from an immature's teen? It is highly irritating, but you aren't bothered enough to do anything to change it. Well, that's exactly how I felt about the past days. Its like watching a normal movie over and over again. The predictability of it allows you to utter the dialogues before its occurrence. That pretty much describes the past few days.

I don't understand why I found it so aggravating. Those days were not bad. I laughed, had fun. But the normality of it was just irksome. Is that what happens when you stop enjoying? Or when you start picking out the tiny troublesome things though might be insignifiant?

Perhaps that is the answer. Tiny things that don't go according to your liking usually have a tendency to affect you and wash away the effects of the good things. Maybe that's what I have been doing wrong. I've allowed the petty things get the better of me.

The only solution that I can think of, is to change my view on things. I have to stop ignoring the good events. I have to cherish them more. If I overlook such stuff, I'd be basically going against the point of this blog. Even if it is a small good event, it shouldn't go unnoticed. It could be a cackle, or the feeling of a soft slightly overgrown lawn, the comfort of the shade of a tree on a sunny day; no matter how little it is, it deserves my attention. Like I said, 'In a world like ours even the most inconspicuous thing could actually be something'.

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