Thursday, 28 November 2013

The Deaf and The Dumb

Its human nature to be unable to listen to what ought to be listened to. Its human nature to be unable to speak what ought to be spoken. But is that righteous?
It reminds of a not so pretty scene of a courtroom; the defense attorney unable to completely prove the innocence of the defendant and a biased jury unwilling to listen. Again, is that righteous?

It so happens that many deal with this among their peers. They say friends are a part of a support system; that they should listen to one's problems and help them out. But what is one suppose to do when that system is filled with the deaf? And even if they could hear, they are like the elderly; a more selective type of hearing. Are they truly your friends or are they just mere imperfect human beings?

What about the defendant, in this case that one singled out who is trying to sing their troubles. How willing is one to sing? Even if they had the will, how good are they at singing? Either they can express themselves perfectly or they choke; in other words, a case of dumbness; Cat caught your tongue?

It seems like its both of their fault, the deaf and the dumb. But that entirely correct?
Isn't that why a support system is for; to help a person express their worries and to help them with those? Shouldn't friends help the dumb find the words? Shouldn't friends overcome their deafness and listen open mindedly? Or, is it that my entire conception of friends wrong? Or am i just underestimating the imperfectness of humankind?

Is it right for people to act deaf when they can hear? According to me, it is wrong and unfair to the dumb. So, if you aren't "deaf", listen, because there is a story to be told!

Post Note:
The above was just me rambling about a confusing and over-thought thought. Hope that justifies the rhetorical questions. It is meant for those who have a lot of patience and have perfect "hearing" (reading ability in this case).

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