Friday, 26 July 2013

My 50th post! The pearl in the sky.

Its been just a bit more than a year since I started writing here. So, for my 50th post, I decided to write about one of my favourite things.

I have the habit of taking my dog out for a walk at precisely nine o'clock in the night. And without fail the first thing I do when I get out is lookup and search the skies for a glimpse of the pearl that sits in the oceanic sky. I should say this before I continue, I find the moon to be the most beautiful thing I have ever set my eyes on.

I'm sure many people find the moon is be pretty and astounding. But, how I feel about the moon is tremendously different. A vague way of describing it would be to call it a mixture of emotions. Desperation as I scan the sky; Anxiety as the time passes by looking at darkness; Uneasiness when I fail to locate it; Relief when I do spot its halo; Bliss as I capture its beauty with my eyes.

The moon sometimes reminds of a geisha. Don't misunderstand, I mainly refer to their mannerisms and their beauty. They were known for their infamous dances that usually is performed with props such as hand fans. I find this similar to the way the moon hides behind the clouds. I feel like its actually dancing with a grey veil, that it chose in order to perfectly complement its complexion. It wraps the veil around itself unmasking once in awhile, similar to the way a rhythmic gymnast twirls her ribbon. Also geishas had particular ways of conducting themselves with their clients. Though their entire body was covered by their kimono, they still manage to catch people's eyes when they flaunted their skin through graceful hand movements. According to me, the moon behaves likewise. It just peers ever so slightly through the clouds, just enough to taunt you and make you ask to see more.

To many, the moon signifies loneliness. I believe this conception is imposed by the idea of a lone wolf howling at a full moon. But to me, the sight of the moon is comforting. I do not feel lonely, rather I feel the opposite. As I gaze upon the moon, I think that there is someone, somewhere, at sometime or probably the same time, who does exactly the same thing. A person who feels the same way as I do when I look at the moon. When I think about that person, whoever they might be, I feel like I'm reaching out to them. After all, we are two people in this vast world who share the same feelings.

You might think of me as a fool to feel like this regarding an inanimate object. To that, all I can say is, I am what I am. The wholesome feeling the moon inducts into me, is so satisfying. Be it a crescent or a full moon, it never fails to please me. That is why, I found it very apt to write my 50th post on this miraculous thing.

So here is to the moon and to the next fifty posts. Happy blogging!

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  1. Congratulations for your 50th post. keep blogging. Happy reader! :-):-)