Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Every little thing!

There is a Beatles song "Every little thing". It talks about all the little sweet things a girl does for the one she loves. It goes "Every little thing she does, she does for me". Cheesy...right? But it gets you thinking. Every little thing that happens in our day to day life has some significance.

A week ago I had one of those bad days. I travel from college to home via bus. That evening, I missed 3 buses. Well it might not makes sense to you. But in my world a missed bus is equivalent to a delay of 20 minutes. 20 minutes of waiting at the bus stop, which is no where near comfortable. I was angry. And finally when I did get a bus, it was a immensely crowded. That just made me even more furious. After the painstaking journey, I got down at my bus stop and walked towards home. As I walked home, I was still frustrated and my fury hadn't shrunk. But something captured my attention! They were two sparrows. I must explain that sparrows are an endangered species in Bangalore. So, to come across sparrows is a very rare, yet pleasant event. At sight of those perfect little birds, my rage dissipated. Poof! Such a simple event had a huge impact on me!

My experience that day, made me realise how the smallest things can effect, if you allow it to. This things could be good. For instance a gentle smile from a friend, a sincere compliment, or even a clear blue sky can make you feel pretty darn good. I always find a chuckle made by a friend at my joke, pretty comforting, even if the chuckle was just out of pity.

Bad stuff happens. Sometimes things so minor like a smirk, an item out of place of in my case a missed bus, can irritate you. The cause of your annoyance could be even someone rather than a thing. Don't try denying it. Everyone has at least one person they come across who just know the exact word to utter in order to tick you off. These are horrific stuff, but they are unavoidable. They make you feel like 'ignorance is a bliss'.

In a day you come across so many events. They could be absolutely terrible of just the opposite. Unfortunately the mind remembers the horrible events far more better than the good ones. But, you should realise that it is YOUR mind. Don't ponder over the bad stuff. Move on! Focus on the good things! Acknowledge every tiny thing that pleases you. It could be anything from the sight of luscious green grass to the smell of an old book or the taste of a really good coffee. Look at such stuff! By doing so, you might just feel "The world isn't bad after all". 

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  1. hmmmmmmm.........sure...the world isnt so bad after all...in accordance with the saying.....when one door closes another one is always waiting to be opened.....n also we musnt forget ur great quote on the cover page of our school diary.....in darkness too there is light!!!!!!!!